Salutaris Health Ltd.
Affiliated Certified Canadian Equiplas Distributor

We are affiliated with Salutaris Health Ltd., the only CFIA inspected distributor of Plasvacc hyperimmunised blood plasma in Canada.

Product Information


For the treatment of failure of passive transfer (FPT) in the equine neonate and hypoproteinemia in horses of any age.

Equiplas Plus

High lgG plasma for the treatment of failure of passive transfer with a minimum lgG level of 2800 mg/dl.

Equiplas R

For the failure of passive transfer (FPT); Equiplas R plasma has a minimum IgG content of 2400 mg/dL and comes from donors that have been hyperimmunized with a Rhodococcus equi vaccines.

Equiplas REA

Plasma which aids in the management and control of respiratory disease associated with Rhodococcus equi and foal pneumonia.

Gamma Check

Diagnostic test kit which allows for rapid, on-site screening of IgG levels in serum.

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